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    Printing problems, InDesign 5.5, Epson R3000 printer

    MacMark One Level 1

      This problem first began when I attempted to to print from InDesign v3.0.1 to a new Epson R3000 printer. Last week the connection and prints were fine. Suddenly, not having changed anything, when I selected the "Print" dialog box, Indesign crashed. I learned there is possibly a conflict between my older InDesign and running OSX v10.6.8 on a new Mac Pro. So, I downloaded the latest version of InDesign (CS5.5) and now I can at least print from my InDesign document.  Using Epson Profiles and Epson paper stock I can make decent prints on the new Epson R3000 printer (printing from InDesign).  But when I attempt to print InDesign documents (my photo portfolio pages) onto Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, using a Hahnemuhle ICC Profile, the photographic images are far too saturated and have a red/magenta cast.  I tried everything, including spending almost an hour on the phone with Epson support.  But, we could not come up with a solution.  Has anyone else had similar problems printing from an Epson R3000 and InDesign CS5.5?  I can print TIFF photo files from Photoshop CS5 to the R3000 just fine, so clearly it has something to do with InDesign.  Suggestions are most welcome, thanks!  Mark W.