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    AE CS5 - setting Audio Hardware to SYSTEM DEFAULT does not do what you want it to

    Imaginary Rob Level 1

      I've submitted this as a bug to Adobe already, and seen another post on the subject here, but without a fix?


      In AE CS5 on OSX, if I set the Audio Hardware pref to System Default (so we just follow the OSX system audio output device), we'll often get a hang followed by an error - can't start audio playback.


      I wind up having to set the audio output device directly in AE Prefs.  That seems to work fine.  So if I've got SPEAKER 1 selected in the system prefs, and I choose System Default in AE, it won't work.  When I then select SPEAKER 1 directly in AE, it works.


      Seems like a bug, but I reported in April and heard nothing from 'em.


      Anyone have any ideas?