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    Interactive SWF Web Deployment

    sclark14 Level 1

      I have designed several interactive swf's in InDesign CS5, implemented the eDocker solution allowing for the zoom feature, etc.  Now I want to deploy the swf's to the Internet... my question is, what is the best way to do this?   Because I think my interactive swf's are best viewed in a full screen format, I am think it might be best to create a stand-alone website for my swf's files (they are 40+ page magazines) and their accompanying linked files, allowing for full-screen viewing.  Mostly, I don't want to have the navigation framework of a traditional website taking up space I would rather have dedicated to the I/A swf's.  What are other people doing in terms of web deployment?  I am sorry if this is a rather elementary question, but this will be my first experience deploying large interactive swf files to the web. 


      If anyone has examples of their web deployment for large swf magazine-type content, I would appreciate it.  Thanks much forum members!  



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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For security reasons you can't force the user into full screen without user interaction inside of a swf, so you would need to build a player with Flash which would load your magazine swfs. Inside that player application it would be possible to go full screen when the user loads a magazine on a button click, or you could include a fullscreen button. If you have some Flash skills you might look at something like SlideshowPro which I think will load swfs as well as images.