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    Getting error #1034 when using <mx:SWFLoader>

    Miro Perez Level 1

      I have a requirement where I need to load another swf file into an area in a layout.


      I have the following mxml:


                  <mx:Canvas  width="100%" height="200" borderStyle="solid">
                      <mx:Label text="This is text in Zone 4 prime "/>
                      <mx:SWFLoader id="loader4" source="http://myhost/test/Test2..do"/>


      When it loads I get a dialog with the Error #1034 in FireFox.


      If I use this same "http://myhost/test/Test2.page" url in another html page with the html object/embed tags the swf is served and loaded just fine.Is there something special that the SWFLoader expects from the response?   I've inspected the response from a direct swf file ref (put source="test.swf" with a simple swf I created) in the mx:SWFLoader source attribute and they appear to be the same. I've set the content type and  content length headers for the Test2.do whcih is served from a struts application.


      If there are way to stream a swf via the source attibute on the mx:SWFLoader tag that's not a direct .swf file reference?