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    New to eLearning Suite 2.5 (not new to DW and FL)


      As the title says, I am new to the eLearning Suite 2.5 but I have a few years under my belt with Dreamweaver and Flash.


      My goal is to produce a simple, 3 lesson SCORM compliant course and I am uncertain how to begin the actual technical side of the production (I've already storyboarded, etc.), hence the few statements/questions below.


      1. I think that I begin by creating the main contents page and the 3 lessons individually in Captivate (using whatever sources I create either in Powerpoint, Captivate, Flash, etc.).
      2. Then I tie them together into a course using the Adobe Multi Sco Packager 2.
      3. Finally I upload the package to my LMS.


      Are these assumptions correct?

      Where would Dreamweaver with its eLearning Templates and CourseBuilder interactions come in?


      I guess I am in need of a step by step explanation and I am more than willing to buy a book(s) and/or read through a website that outlines the complete process from start to finish if they exist. I have been unable to find tutorials other than those which demonstrate the new things in Captivate 5.5, etc.