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    Can't open project in PE7


      I have been working on this project for a few days and every once in a while I got a warning that said that the system memory was low and that I should save and continue with caution. Now whenever I try to open the project, Premiere Elements 7 just crashes and closes down without any warning. But when I try to open a different project, it works just fine. I have about 5 to 6 layers being used and a few effects. The computer that I'm using is a Windows XP and has 81.0 GB of free space, I have no working antivirus software on the computer so I know that isn't what is causing the problem. Please help!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What is the size of your Windows Virtual Memory, the Page File, and how is it managed?


          Can you tell us more about your computer, and also your Project and the Assets used?


          This ARTICLE will give you some tips on what info is needed to help.


          Also, this ARTICLE will give you some PrE tune-up tips, plus some computer tune up tips.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also, what type of camcorder is your video coming from? How long is your project? Do you have more than one hard drive?

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              HowlingWolf201 Level 1

              If I am checking this right:


              It says that my 'total paging file size for all drives' under virtual memory is 1520 MB.


              The computer is a Microsoft Windows XP, Media Center Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2 (if you need more specific information please let me know what exactly you would like to know)


              I have maybe about 9 to 12 still frames (all .png format), I had around 20 to 40 short clips (each was converted from a .mov file to an .avi file) the general length of these video files is 2 to 5 seconds and all of their audio clips have been removed, the audio for the project is around 2 minutes and 50 seconds and has a type of file of MPEG Layer 3 Audio. That is most likely the most I can give about the assets because I can't open the project.


              While the song is around 2:50, I have only edited in videos and images for about 1 minute and 30 seconds of the project. (There is nothing else before or after the song)


              The general camcorder that was used was a Cannon Rebel T2i, but as said above, the video clips were converted from .mov format to .avi.


              The total length of the project is 2 minutes 50 seconds.


              If I am not mistaken the computer only has one hard drive.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here are a couple of thoughts:


                MP3's can be problematic, though they usually do not stop a Project from opening. For reference only now, see this ARTICLE.


                However, Assets CAN cause issues with a Project opening, so let's do a test:


                Depending on how your Assets are arranged on your system, I want to "hide" those Assets from PrE, to see what happens. I always locate my Assets, or Copies of my Assets into sub-folders, located down the hierachy of my Project's root folder, i.e. all Stills will be in a Stills sub-folder below [Project Name] root folder. Same for Videos, Music, Titles, Audio, etc. For me, this test is easy, as I would just Move those Asset sub-folders elsewhere. If one has Imported Assets from all over, things are a bit more difficult, and for the test to really give us results, all Imported Assets need to be "hidden" from PrE. When you "hide" the Assets, make careful notes about where you "hide" them, say you Move your Asset folders and sub-folder to D:\, note the full structure of all those folders and sbu-folders, as you WILL need the exact locations to easily do our test. If you have not done so, when you set up your Project, I would now create folders for the Asset types, say Videos, Stills, Music, etc., in that new location. It will make the second step in the test easier, and will also let you test particular Asset types.


                First, as background, the PREL (Project File) is only an XML database, containing links to the Absolute Path of each Asset. When we "hide" the Assets, we have broken the link to it, since the Path is Absolute, and if there is ANY change in the Path, PrE cannot follow the link.


                The purpose of this test is to see if the Project file, the PREL, is good, and not been corrupted. If we hide ALL Assets, and the Project then opens, we now know that the Project file is good, but that some Asset is causing the issue.


                We need to be very careful at this point, and I will explain why below. I would first make a Copy of the PREL for that Project, and store it safely, say on the Desktop (actually in the Desktop Folder). Now, once you have hidden all Assets, by moving them, or their folders/sub-folders, launch PrE, and then Open that Project (the original, not the Copy in the Desktop Folder). If the Project file is not corrupt, it should Open, and you should quickly be presented with a dialog screen, asking "Where is file _____?" This is what we want.


                You will be presented with a window, very much like Windows Explorer. There, you can navigate to the new location of those Asset files. If the first file in that dialog box is say a Video file, navigate to where those are located, and find it. When you do that, PrE will survey that folder, and link to every Asset in that folder, that is used in your Project. This make things easy, when re-linking Assets, but if you just dumped ALL Assets into a single folder, might crash the Project when it hits a bad Asset, but because they are all in one folder, tracking down the bad one will be much more difficult.


                Let's say that all Video files re-link properly, then you should once again see that dialog, "Where is file _____?" Let's say that this is a Still Image. Navigate to where you Moved the Stills, and link to that first Still. Again, PrE will look in that folder and re-link all Stills, used in your Project.


                Again, just for discussion, let's say that all Stills re-link properly. You will then be presented with that dialog, "Where's file _____?" We'll assume that this is one of the Music files. Navigate to that folder, and choose it. Once more, PrE will go through that folder, re-linking every Music Asset.


                We repeat, until there is an error, or a problem. Here, one could get several messages, or perhaps a crash of the Project. It could be a missing CODEC, and the error message should point that out. It could be a corrupt Asset, and one might/might not get an error message.


                If one gets an error message, I would make note of which file caused the error, plus the exact syntax of the error message. If the Project does not crash, but just throws an error, I would choose Offline (do not choose Offline All, as there could be more than one bad Asset, and we want to note ALL of them). With the media Offline, test the Project. For those Offlined Assets, one will get a red screen with "Media Offline" for each. One can still edit, and we will replace those Offline Assets in a minute. If the Project checks out, I would do a Save_As, changing the Project's name to reflect a difference, say [Project Name]_test.


                If one has received any error message, or the Project crashed on certain Assets in our test, we need to examine those Asset files carefully. Using utilities, like G-Spot, or MediaInfo would be a good place to start, as would playing, or displaying those files in an appropriate player, or viewer. If there is nothing obvious, then I would do a New Project, using the same Preset as our original Project, and Import each of those files into it, noting exactly what happens with each one, and how well they play in PrE, both in the Source Monitor, and also from the Timeline. Note any issues anywhere.


                Let's hope that the issue is with a single Asset, and that the Project file is not corrupt.


                Please report how the test goes, and good luck,



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                  HowlingWolf201 Level 1

                  I did as you said and started the test,


                  I had all of my files in one location so I just dragged them to a different location and got the 'where is file _____' pop up window, I clicked skip-all (for now) and then played the whole project through without any issues, so I know that it's not the project itself, even with all the effects that I had, it still worked.


                  Next I went to loading the files back into the project, I did the audio first and and played it all the way through, no issues there.


                  Same goes with the still frames


                  Now I started on the videos...


                  As I'm going along and adding them one by one, so far so good, but when I get to one of the files, I double click and the where is the file _____ comes up, but when I find the file and click select, the 'add media failure' window appears, saying that 'this type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed.' But before, I had been able to use this file, hence why it was in the project...


                  So I skipped that one and continued, but for some reason it does the same exact thing with the next ones that I tried...

                  I then tried to do a different one that was much later on in the video, and it uploads perfectly fine; so again I go back to the ones that didn't upload, try again and it works just fine...weird...but I just kept going.


                  Then around 40 seconds into the video, when I click it to upload, I got the doesn't work window (same thing that happened above), so I upload a different one, it works, I try again with the previous one, then I got something new, 'Adobe Premiere Elements.exe - Application Error' 'The exception unknown software exception (0xc000000d) occurred in the application at location 0x78138aa0. Click on OK to terminate the program'


                  I clicked okay and premiere elements closed.

                  I opened the program and file again, and it worked fine so I'm going to guess that was a possible file that messed with the project. So I left that one as offline and continued on again.


                  I was able to get through the rest of the video (of the clips that I had put in) without any more problems, so I believe that it was just that one file that was messing everything up.


                  Do you know why it would just be one asset that messed with the whole project?

                  Also, when Premiere elements gives you the warning 'low on system memory' do you know what it means by that? What exactly is system memory?


                  Thanks a lot for all the help!!!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    First, great detective work, and thanks for reporting the success in the test, plus partial-success in the Project. Glad that the files were in a single location, as that makes life so very much easier.


                    Unfortunately, I have not seen an error message that is specific to a "bad" Asset. Those error messages usually crop up when one goes to Import. When a file HAS been Imported, and is linked in the PREL file, but then something happens, PrE is not "smart" enough to figure out what went wrong - only that something did go wrong. It would be great if one got a more specific error message, when loading the Project. Maybe something like this:


                    That you got a CODEC error, when trying to re-link is a bit of a puzzle, as PrE should have found the necessary CODEC on the system, when you Imported the file. Unless you have removed some CODEC's, or there is corruption in the Registry (where every CODEC, that I can think of, is installed), I cannot imagine why it would have worked one day, but not the next.


                    Now, have you installed any new CODEC's, between when the Project worked, and when it did not? Some CODEC's, and especially those in CODEC "packs," can overwrite perfectly good CODEC's, with their hacked, or reverse-engineered versions. That has caused issues for others.


                    The first step that I would take would be to run the "bad file(s)" through either G-Spot, or MediaInfo, and see what they say about the problem files. What IS the CODEC? Is it the same, as with others in that Project? Obviously, looking for the differences is easy, with a utiltiy like G-Spot, but if it's the same as others, and the utilities do not show any errors, then the mystery deepens.


                    One nice feature in G-Spot is the little Decoder and Player area in the lower-left of the screen. This allows one to render the file, both Video & Audio, and then test the file in the little player window. This is usually a 3-step process, and one uses the little 1 - 2 -3 buttons in squares. I would first look at all of the details on the problem file(s), and then, if nothing jumps out, go through that three-step process, to see if G-Spot CAN render and play the file.


                    If the main screen of G-Spot does show differences between the other files, just post a screen-cap of the G-Spot screen, and someone here will be able to help.


                    Still, that would not explain why the file(s) worked one day, but not the next.


                    Good luck,




                    PS - were these files located on an external HDD?


                    Were they converted from another format/CODEC?


                    Do you have an original copy of the bad ones?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      when Premiere elements gives you the warning 'low on system memory' do you know what it means by that? What exactly issystem memory?


                      "System Memory," or "Resources" is a bit of a combo. First, it's RAM (the physical, installed RAM), then it's the Windows Virtual Memory, the Page File, that is used, when the RAM has been allocated and used, for both the OS and the programs running. Last, it's also things like CPU cycles.


                      This ARTICLE goes into more info on what can chew up your Resources, and tips on cleaning things up a bit.


                      Good luck, and hope that this helps,



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