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    Unable to save pdf


      I'm applying for a job that asks you to fill out an online application which is a pdf that cannot be saved.   Question is can I still send them it some other way or do you think they want me to scan and send in that way.  The job annoucement says to send everything in pdf form.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Can  you fill out the form, but not save? Does the form have a submit button? Yes you can print it out and scan it back in to pdf format if your scanner software supports it. What version of Reader do your have? If you look at the document properties it will let you know if it has been saved with extended reader properties that allows you to save form fields.

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            370H55V Level 4

            You should be able to download the PDF and then fill it out. Then e-mail it back. If they designed it to be "unsavable" they're not doing anyone any favors who's looking to go to work for them.