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    Painfully slow downloads on XP/SP3

    n8turepix Level 1

      I am on Windows XP, SP3 and experience extremely slow downloads with Reader 9.4.5.  In the status bar, when opening a file downloading from the Internet, I typically see a message "downloading 12.6 K of 5 MB" that seems to freeze at around 10KB of data downloaded for well over a minute, then eventually the speed picks up and the file is downloaded.  Does anyone know a solution?  I have a 3 megabit connection to the Internet, so that's not the issue.


      I have plenty of memory and disk space.



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          370H55V Level 4

          It needs to be clear that Reader DOES NOT downoad the files. Your BROWSER does. If files are downloading slowly on an otherwise fast connection, it comes from two things, possibly a third.

          1. The site your are downloading from has bandwidth problems and they can't keep up with traffic. In that case you're not alone. Everyone who downloads from there gets slow downloads.

          2. Your browser cache is full and it's having to use Windows "swap file" space to store the temp file. If everything you download is slow, this is probably the case and it will get better once you've cleared the cache.


          There is a third possibility:


          Your internet connection is nowhere near as fast as you believe it is or your cable company tells you it is.

          Personal experience: Cox Communications sold me a 4MBPS cable Internet package for $32.99 a month. I got everything hooked up and both my Mac and PC were averaging about 150KBPS download speeds. A called them and they troubleshot everything they could think of. They even told me my (eight day old) MacBook Pro needed to be updated to a newer model. The (three month old) e-Machine too. I told them they needed to check their cable at my house. They checked the cable and it was 100% OK.

          My only option? Upgrade to the 9MBPS plan for $46.95 a month and increase my speed to 1.5MBPS.


          Turns out that 9MBPS is a "burst speed" usually attainable only about once a year under just the right circumstances at just the right time.


          Check the first two. If it ain't that call your ISP, but this isn't a Reader problem.