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    InDesign 5.5 exporting to epub - grouped images export fine, everything else is blurry


      I'm trying to export a user manual book to epub. All of the images are linked, anchored images.


      The images in the exported HTML files are extremely low quality, even when exported with the maximum resolution.


      I experimented a little by modifying the object export settings for two of the images:


      A) an image grouped with another image file positioned on top of it.

      B) an image of the same dialog (so, pretty much an identical image) that was not grouped.


      I made both of these images have the same Custom Rasterization settings:

      Size: relative to page wdith

      Format: JPEG

      Resolution: 300 ppi

      Quality: Maximum

      Method: Baseline


      When I exported the ePub (taking care not to ignore the custom settings), image A looked fine in the export and image B looked terrible.

      I then grouped image B with a blank text box to create a "grouped" image and re-exported. Now, image B has quality on-par with image A, with exactly the same image as before.


      What gives?