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    Meta for FLV

    Anna2257 Level 1

      for a Flash video file to play from any point some meta data should be added to  it, right?
      So far I fount 2 apps: FlvToll and FlvMeta, but both of them are  written in some strange languages, and do not install as a normal .exe file  would in Windows7.
      Is there any other way to add that meta data to a Flash  video, and is there any other way to avoid adding it altogether?
      The only  thing I want is for my videos in Flash to be playable from any point (just like  any tube does).
      Thank you.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you need an rtmp server (like fms or redhat) that streams your flv files.  do you have such a server?

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            Anna2257 Level 1

            Yes, I have FMS installed on my server, but

            it plays mostly like a real time broadcast, chooses the best quality for a bandwidt and shows the video in real time, but I was thinking more of a "fake" broadcast, when the video plays while the rest of it "accumulates"..., which it perfectly does now, except that I can click on any point of a time line to view from that point, and that's why I've been told that I have to add that meta data to a video.

            BUT, if there is a way to use FMS to make the video play with "accumulation" of the rest of it (like youtube does), please let me know how to do it.

            Actually, it would be nice to know both ways: through FMS and with adding a data.

            Thank you.