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    SWF published by FC can not run


      I imported a SWF into my FC project. Publishing process was finished without errors. And the preview (Ctrl+Enter) was correct.

      When I deployed it to a web-server, the SWF published by FC works, but the embedded SWF cann't always work. It is not a normal problem. It's about 50% to meet the problem when I get on the web page.




      I thought it is caused by network  bandwidth, so I have tried to deployed it to other web-servers. The problem still exist.

      I don't know how it happened, and how to correct. Am I missing something incredibly obvious here?



      Thanks in advance.

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Can you reproduce it on your system (is it based on a particular OS or web browser)? If so, have you installed the debug version of the Flash Player into your web browser, and see if an error is thrown? Those would be the first steps I would take. Past that, I would be writing some various bits of ActionScript to see if I can spot the issue.


          Hope this starts you in the right direction,