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    Error marked disabled Validator textField.

    Sajid Sharlemin

      I am doing a String Validation on a textField input. When i am selecting a type from another comboBox, the validation is required, for other input of comboBox the validation is not required and the textField becomes disabled to give any input.

      when the textField input fails to pass the validation it shows the error message, that's fine and it shows the red color surrounding the textField Box. then, if I select another input from the comboBox for which the validation is not required the textField becomes disabled and since the validation is not required, so everything works fine.


      But the thing is the red mark arround the textField for which validation marked as a failure, doesn't disapear. Is there any way to get rid of the red mark around the textField? though I can do all my stuff quite well, but it's sort of confusing for the user with a red marked textField which is disabled!!



      Enabled for the first time.



      Enabled with the error msg.



      Disabled with the red marker & the validation is off.