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    Cropping PDF's??

    Edd Grinham

      Hi, My first forum post and I've only been in marketing & using inDesign for a couple of weeks so please try and be as easy to understand as possible!


      I'm trying to lift a banner from a pdf to use as a banner in InDesign. I've Placed the pdf into InDesign and brought the bottom edge of the frame up to where I want so it only shows the banner which prints okay etc.. However, whenever I attempt to move or edit the banner I see a greyed out image of the full page pdf that I have imported.

      Is there a way to crop the image so that I only have the banner and not the rest of the page? I've tried searching several forums and web pages to no avail.

      I've also tried cropping the image in 'Preview' but when I do I get the message Cropping a document doesn’t destroy its contents. Which is exactly what I want to do!!


      I'm using InDesign CS5 and MacBook Pro OS X 10.6.8.


      Please Help!

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          InDesign doesn't "crop" PDFs. To actually modify a PDF, you would need Acrobat (perhaps Photoshop or Illustrator).


          But it's not a problem either. The 'greyed out' image is only a preview of the entire original image, and if you release the mouse, only what's inside the frame will be exported and printed. [*]


          [*] Which is in fact a lie, but only a small one.

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            Edd Grinham Level 1

            Thanks for your answer, it confirms what I feared to be true. It isn't a massive problem but just wanted to 'tidy up' my document


            I'm new to Mac's also but I used to be able to do such things on an old microsoft programme Photo Editor which used to be bundled free on I think XP. [since discontinued but I saved mine!]

            Do you know if there is such programme's available for £0's!!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Edd Grinham wrote:


              ... However, whenever I attempt to move or edit the banner I see a greyed out image of the full page pdf that I have imported.

              In general, as Jongware pointed out, there's really no issue here, you just move the entire frame with the cropped image inside. Since you report that you are seeing the entire image ghosted, that indicates you are having some difficulty moving the frame, and are in fact actually repositioning the image inside it.


              There are two possible reasons for this. One is you've really selected the content instead of the frame. This would happen using the selection tool (black arrow) if you double-click, or would happen using the direct selct tool (white arrow) whose funtion is to select content, but I suspect the real problem is that you are clicking withthe balck arrow in the center of the image and dragging.


              New in CS5 is the "Content Grabber" which you will either love or hate. As you move the cursor over an image a sort of "donut" will appear inside the frame. If you click on that, you can drag the content around inside the frame, but the frame will not move, so you need to be careful NOT to click the content grabber when you want to reposition the frame itself. If it drives you crazy, View > Extras > Hide Content Grabber and it will stop bothering you.

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                Edd Grinham Level 1

                Thanks again,


                I wasn't moving the image within the frame as you suggested but I appreciate your comments.

                Thanks for all your quick responses!