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    Save Icon = not permitted, Save a Copy works


      Hello all -


      I am working with Reader 8.2.5 in Windows XP.


      Something changed in my setting recently so that I get an error every time I click the save/floppy icon to save a PDF in Reader.  I get... "The document could not be saved.  The operation is not permitted."  However, I can go to the file menu and click "Save A Copy" and everything works the way the old save/floppy icon did.  None of the PDFs should have any sort of restrictions/permissions on them and are generally.  Two weeks ago these documents we a non-issue and easily saved with the icon.


      Its not the end of the world, but this never used to be an issue and trying to retrain my brain to ditch the icon is abit annoying. Any experience this before?


      Sincere thanks in advance!