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    image/text position in text frame




      i am using textframe for placing images and also the text.


      whn i place the text/ images by default the images are aligned to the top of the text frame, i need to set it to bottom of the textframe.


      is there any possible setting for the actuive document/ app so that by default the contents should be aligned to the bottom



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          Look in the object that defines vertical positioning: textFramePreferences, and you will see that it has both Document and Application as possible parents.


          app.activeDocument.textFramePreferences.verticalJustification = VerticalJustification.BOTTOM_ALIGN;


          will set the default for new text frames to bottom. You can also use


          app.textFramePreferences.verticalJustification = VerticalJustification.BOTTOM_ALIGN;


          to set it as a global preference for all of your new documents, but somehow that sounds like a Bad Idea.