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    Property Inspector Question


      Hello all,


      This is my first post to this forum and I hope I am asking this question in the correct place


      I am quite new to extension development and have hit a hurdle with a specific project I am working on.

      To give a little background: I am writing an extension to work with a proprietary set of input tags used to contain info obtained from a database.

      The input tag must contain a new value surounded by the # symbol.



      <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox" value="1" id="checkbox" #checkbox1# />


      For input tags the new proprietary tag is a concatination of the name and the value of the input tag values.


      As this is not a known tag I cannot use the method theObj.setAttribute("<attrib_name>",<new_value>) to do the update.


      I can easily find the value using..


          var str=dom.getSelectedNode().outerHTML
          var pos=str.indexOf("#")
          var lstpos=str.lastIndexOf("#")
          var propTag=str.substring(pos+1,lstpos)


      but I am a bit stuck with how I can modify script controling the inspector to update value inbetween the # with concat of the tag name and value.


      If someone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.


      Thanks in advance,