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    Flex does not refresh Web service data

    Jessie_Meta Level 1

      Dear Sir,


      I'm new for flex. I facing problem when I access a Web service through an AdobeFlex application,my application may receive the first set of data correctly but then does not receive any updated data when it makes another request for the same data in ie, google chrome or firefox.


      <mx:WebService id="myService" wsdl="http://www.abc.com/test.asmx?WSDL" >

      <mx:operation name="abc" resultFormat="object" result="abc(event)">





      private function renderAvatar():void


      // load the avatar info from WebService





      public function abc(event:ResultEvent):void


      var arrayCollection1:ArrayCollection = event.result as ArrayCollection;






      for (var i:uint = 0; i < arrayCollection1.length; i++)




      Please provide me some solution. Thank you.


      Best Regards,