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    should be simple


      I'm getting some bad performance on the iPad. I have a simple animation of 50 JPG (renderings) images. It's a 360 degree rotating loop. I want the user to be able to rotate the object left and right by swiping their finger across the screen either left or right. So I have two problems. 1. code to do this correctly. 2.performance on the iPad is very bad as a simple animation playing. Any suggestions? I know it's not vector and I'm pushing 50 jpg images but shouldn't it play any better? It appears like I'm getting about 2-3 frames a second. Any tips? Thanks.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Forwarding this along to our iOS team.  I'm sure they'll have some suggestions. 


          Are you using the latest AIR SDK (2.7)?  We had a number of iOS performance improvements with this release.  I'd also recommend posting over on the AIR Mobile Development forums, there have been at least few in depth threads about iOS drawing performance over there.