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    Freezing while opening Indesign CS5.5 files


      I'm having difficulty opening CS5.5 files. I designed them in CS3. Then I got CS5.5 and opened them in that and saved them.

      Every time I try to reopen them they freeze up. More specifically, if I double click a CS5.5 Indesign file, it freezes up EVERY time.

      If a drag it to the Indesign CS5.5 icon in my dock, it freezes up consistently every other time--asking me if I want to postpone the recovery.


      My fonts libraries and caches are clean. I've run font nuke. I've installed Suitease Fusion 3.


      I was thinking that this might have to do with Helvetica Neue conflicts. My document utilizes this font.


      I've tured off open fonts automatically in fontbook and Suitcase Fusion 3.


      Any ideas?