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    Error in certifying a PDF document


      When I try to certify a PDF document containing an editable PDF XFA form using the Digital Signature web service. I get the following error:

      ALC-DSS-300-017 Certification of Static Shell XFA Form PDFs is not supported. A Shell PDF is a special type of static or dynamic XFA Form PDF, which contains XFA streams that are not in synchronization with the rendering available in the PDF version. See Signatures Service Documentation for more details. (in the operation : certify);


      Could anyone let me know how to resolve this issue?

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          What version of Designer was used to create the form? What version of Reader compatability is the form set to?  (from Designer, check File > Form Properties > Defaults > Target Version)


          If you save the form from Designer as Adobe Static PDF Form (*.pdf) this will resolve the issue.




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            ShahzadAmjad1141 Level 1

            Thanks for the answer steve..


            We are using Designer 9.0. Using designer we created the XDP file. The PDF was generated using the forms service of Adoble LiveCycle ES 2.5. So I was facing issue in certifying PDF generated by forms service and not when PDF was created using the designer.


            As a test we changed the default form properties of the XDP file from static to dynamic. Again PDF was created using the XDP file via forms service. When this PDF was certified, the error was no more occurring. So we were able to solve the issue by changing form properties of XDP file from static to dynamic