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    CS 5.5 update to v.5.0.4 is not updating...




      I am trying to update my CS 5.5 (in particular I am having problems with Premiere Pro) (Adobe Bridge is also not updating to v4.0.5) I have not moved or deleted or changed any of the files since they were installed on the computer, but the update to v.5.0.4 always fails with this message:


        Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 v5.0.4

        Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has been moved or deleted improperly. Please launch or reinstall the application to update the location and try again. To remove the product from the system, please uninstall product using the aliases under "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers". Error Code: U44M1P29.


      I'd really like to not remove all the programs and reinstall everything, is anyone else having this problem or is there a work around to help me out.