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    Can embedded pixel font NOT be antialiased when published?


      Hey Guys -


      I have a Catalyst CS5.5 project, added a preloader using Builder 4.5, now the embedded pixel font looks smoothed and fuzzy and not at all as sharp as it was when published. The smallest lowercase text (8 pt) is almost unreadable now.  I have read tons of information, tried numerous things like adding lines of code to the main.css like advancedAntiAliasing = false, but I cannot change embedAsCFF to false to be able to try to fix it in main.css. Heard there was a way to use RenderingMode.NORMAL, but can't find any reference to RenderingMode anywhere in the code. Is there a way to get the embedded pixel font to render very crisp like it used to before I put it in Builder 4.5? Please help  - this is causing major problems for me! Thanks!