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    Updating AVI Video Drivers results in blue screen of death

    Emah Duck

      Creating a CD in Premiere 9 resulted in the program closing.  I was told to update video and sound drivers.  First I used the option in Device Manager, then I used DriverUpdate.  The computer now frequently gets the "blue screen of death," with reference to an infinite loop because of ATI2DVAG.  I want to download the drivers myself after deleting the current drivers.  The first field on the ATI site gives me the choice of desktop graphics, notebook graphics, TV tuner graphics, workstation graphics, integrated motherboard, embedded and MAC.  I chose DESKTOP.  I have Windows XP Professional and I also have Linux installed; my video card is ATI Radeon HD 4250.




      In the second field I chose Radeon HD Series.  In the third field I chose Radeon HD 4xxx Series PCle.  In the fifth field I chose XP 32.




      This brings me to a page which has three tabs: Catalyst Software Suite (with one download), Individual Downloads (five downloads) and Optional Downloads (five downloads).  I think the first is the one I want.  It comes with the warning that Framework 1.1 Service Pack from Microsoft, dated August 30, 2004, must be installed.  I have no reason to believe that my service packs are not up-to-date; I have service pack 3.




      The Catalyst Software Suite, with the one download, is 11.6.  I think I now have 11.2 (I found this in the Catalyst Control Center from the icon on the bottom of my screen).  In my Device Manager it says: 8.821.0.0 released January 26, 2011, PCl busl, device5, function 0, internal version 8.821.




      It looks as if the program I bought, DriverUpdate, did not install the latest release.  I think my best bet is to delete the current driver and install the Catalyst

      Software Suite 11.6.  Is this the right thing to do?