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    Adobe Reader X (10.1) Crashes

      I am a member of an IT department and have a user on Windows XP that is running Adobe Reader X (10.1). It crashes whenever the program starts, whether through the .exe file or when trying to open .pdf files.
      My attempts:
      Repairing the application
      Un-installing then re-installing a clean copy
      Rebuild the user profile.


      The problem persists. After rebuilding the profile, adobe ran and opened a few documents then began crashing again.
      Reader runs flawlessly on the administrator account.


      I am able to run it in compatibility mode for Windows 2000 and open documents, but this causes an intermittent issue with Outlook 2007. Whenever trying to attach a pdf to an e-mail, outlook may hang. It appears that attaching the file causes adobe to run and try to open the pdf normally but then it crashes and causes Outlook to hang.


      Any ideas how to fix Adobe Reader? The user shouldn't need to run it in compatibility mode to open a pdf.

      Also, the Computer is clean of viruses.

      Thank you for any assistance and please let me know if there is any more information I can provide.