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    Running Heads not updating

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've got the pages setup using A master page.


      I've put Text Variable on Master A. Based on Character Style.


      I applied the Char style to the Heading I want to appear in the text variable area


      Everything works fine up to page 12.


      At this point it references back to page 6 and gets the running head from there?


      It does this throughout the book - referencing the wrong running head from pages before.



      The running head works fine from page 1 - 11


      All the running heads are correct - then suddenly at page 12 it references back to 6.



      I deleted that text on page 11 and 12 and the text flowed back.


      And the running head changes to what it should be for those pages.



      The heading on page 11 is "What Will I Study" it has Running Head Char style applied


      Yet on page 12 (the page that runs on from 11) it references page 6 in the running head?