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    Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?!?!?!?


      Captvate 4 publishing to SCORM LMS.  SCORM not at issue though.  Started off capturing in Training Sim without any mouse movement, or FMR, etc.  (Not able to do so as 2,900 PCs here at my office have a bad Dell video driver that cannot deal with the .SWF for some ungodly reason - found this out the hard way.)  When adding to the training by inserting recording slides IT WILL NOT ALLOW me to shut down the mouse movements from demo mode thereby rendering the slides useless.  The only thing I have left to do is import all slides into a NEW project WITHOUT ANY objects.  That seems to circumvent my video driver problem.  A big pain and I would rather not add all those extra hours of reprogramming of the objects.  Help please with advice...THANKS!