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    Directory watcher Flase event

    rahuldagr8 Level 1


      I am having a problem with directory watcher, environment is :

      Windows 2003

      Coldfusion 8.0.1


      Current scenario :

      My directory watcher is watching a shared folder (A) on network, and copies files from that folder to a different share folder (B) on network (Both shared folder are in different boxes)


      Problem :

      Sometime my onAdd fires at odd times and it starts copying all the files available on A folder to B. And when I check logs, that time no files were added in A folder.

      Problem is onAdd event fires any time and I dont know why its happening.

      Please Help.


      Some more info:

      I am not moving files from A to B, just copying, so old files remains in same folder, there are around 3000-4000 files as of now in A folder, and every day 10-12 files gets copy in A.