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    AIR application - unable to open encrypted database using coldfusion.air.SyncManager

    DilipShah Level 1
      I have an AIR application that copies data from an unencrypted database to an encrypted database and then tries to open the encrypted database using coldfusion.air.SyncManager's openSession method. Once the encrypted database is created, the application will be distributed only with the encrypted database.
      I use com.adobe.air.crypto.EncryptionKeyGenerator to  generate encryption key. I use the same password, first to encrypt the database  and then try to open it.
      The database is successfully generated but when I try to  open it, I get the following error:
      SQLError: 'Error #3125: Unable to open the database file.', details:'An encryption key cannot be specified when the database is not encrypted.', operation:'open', detailID:'1011'

      I'm passing the encryption key to openSession method.

      What am I doing wrong? Please help!