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    Lingo Script

      Can anyone plz. tell how could I play an external movie after the first movie is played in director
      I want add the script in
      on exitFrame me
      go to the frame
      plz. plz. plz. help me
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          duckets Level 1

          If you have that script on a frame or sprite in director, the Director movie will stay on that frame indefinitely, and therefore will never finish playing.

          What exactly is it that you want to wait for - the end of some digital video? The end of some score based animation?

          To jump to another movie, you can either use 'go to movie', eg:

          go to movie "newmoviename"
          (to jump to a new movie)

          Or you can use 'play movie' and 'play done', eg:

          play movie "newmoviename"
          (to branch to a new movie, if you intend to return to the original movie)

          play done
          (to return to the original movie)

          hope this helps,

          - Ben

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            the real POTMO Level 1
            ah and my the way. if you are doing that in a shockwave. Use goToNetMovie
            and remember to use preloadNetThing before on the movie.
            something like that anyway.