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    scaling symbols and motion tweens


      I created an animation with various symbols and motion tweens, mostly on outer level timeline.  At the end, I realized the resolution was too low for a quality quicktime export.  After scaling the canvas from 550x400 to 1650x1200, I tried scaling the rest of the objects using the "edit multiple frames" brackets, but every scene I try to do this to, only a few of the frames are scaled.  They start scaling and moving around all over the place fluctuating between the original and new positions.  So i have to go back and manually scale/reposition the tween spans.  Am I doing something wrong with the edit multiple frames thing or something?  Or is there an easier way to do this I haven't seen?  Thanks



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          1. Go to the Publish Settings in the File menu. Go to the HTML tab. Change the size of the movie in the Dimensions: section. Change the setting from "Match Movie" to "Pixels" and enter the new dimensions that you want. Publish. If there are no bitmaps, then it should look acceptable.


          2. If ABSOLUTELY everything in your movie is on the timeline, then you can select all of the frames in all of the layers, then select copy frames from the edit menu or the right click menu on the layers. Create a new movieClip. Select the first frame in the first layer and then select paste frames from the edit menu or the right click menu on that frame.


          Now you have a copy of your whole movie in a movieClip. Create a new movie at the new size that you want. Copy and paste this new movieClip into the new movie's Library. Save the new movie. Drag the movieClip to stage of the new movie. Stretch the movieClip to fit the new stage size. Save again. Play. You should now have a movie that runs at the new frame size. Depending on how your Actionscript was written, you may need to make some changes.

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            telegenecaster Level 1

            Wow thanks, that's great.  My only issue now is that I have movie clips for the various scenes (I'm guessing I just drop them in like symbols for the same lengths as the original scenes) but when I export the swc file and import into adobe premiere, it only captures the very surface level of the timeline (so no movement at all, just still images of the scenes).  I tried making the symbols graphics too but that didn't seem to work.  Is there any way to bring the motion tweens and whatnot to the first level of the timeline?


            :edit: Oh sorry, I guess I had to make the symbol a graphic from the original flash document and I couldn't just do it in the new one (I'm not sure why).  Kind of as a side question, why would someone want to make a symbol within a symbol?  Thanks

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              Method 1 will do that. However, if everything is on the timeline, then you can export the Flash movie to uncompressed video in any format that you want, Quicktime for example, and then import that(those) file(s) into Premiere.

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