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    1px is missing from text, but not in the stage area

    genoism Level 1

      So my issue is this. I have some text, static, arial. The letter "F" has the top bar missing so it almost looks like a t. But this only looks like this when I render. In the staging area while viewing actual pixels the F looks perfectly fine. Is there a way to fix this without making the text thicker? Whats worse is that when i do custom anti alias settings and thicken the font by 200(which is the max) it actually is thicker than some of the other texts but the to of the F is still missing....its practically bolder than the actual bold setting and its messed up....


      I tried to make sure that its positioning is not on a decimal point with no success(that includes any other layers that the text is in).


      Any suggestions on how to fix this?