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    How do I get the WSDL for a SOAP end-point to include my XML schema?


      I have a process that generates an XML variable containing a list of items for a drop-down list and that variable is set as the only output.  The XML variable also has a schema associated with it.  However, the SOAP end-point only generates a schema that has two string outputs:  document and element and the output gets serialized as a single string.  This makes it impossible to bind the drop-down list items in Designer when I try to use the WSDL provided by the SOAP endpoint because my schema information is lost (that, not preserved by the LC SOAP endpoint's WSDL).  If I included the drop-down list items in the data used to merge with the form before presentation I can drill down in the schema and bind the drop-down list items with no problem.  What can I do to get my schema to included in the WSDL generated by the SOAP endpoint of my process?  Or is there some default to build the drop-down item list such that I can easily plug a string into the Designer form with a script and the drop-down widget will parse it correctly?

      I just found another discussion that asked the same question with the short answer "It can't be done."  Has anything changed since September 2009?


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