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    importFileInto and mp4

    fansoftmedia Level 1

      For some reason when I use the "importFileInto" lingo command to import an .mp4 video file, it imports it as an audio file.

      If I import directly (I'm using a PC by the way if that matters), it retains it's video format.


      It's only when I use importFileInto that it import only as a sound file.


      Anyone else have this issue, or know of a way to force it to import it as a video/media file using importFileInto?



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          Dee McDee Level 2

          mp4 video files don't appear to have their own ilk (#member???), whereas mp4 sound files are #mp4. In any case mp4 videos files must be external, so there is no point in trying to import them. To create an external mp4 video cast member, you would use something like this:


          on mouseUp me
            bob = _movie.newMember(#mp4)
            bob.filename = "C:\test.mp4"