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    ID CS5 freeze fix has caused another problem...


      I recently installed the education CS5.5 package on my new macbook Pro and had the problem that ID would freeze when it opened any file. All other programs worked fine except ID. After a bit of a search I came across this answer which fixed the problem right away.




      After moving my SING fie to my desktop a pop up screen informs me my product isn't registered or has had my serial stolen and gives me the options to log online, call Adobe and so a manual serial or remind me later.


      Currently I am without the internet (using work computer right now) so selecting the manual option I can retype in my serial number. Doing this gives me an 'incorrect serial number' dialog. I can get an internet connection if necessary. Now I'm just not really sure what to do till I can hook up on the internet. Is there an simple fix?


      Thank you in advance.


      Message was edited by: Kaoshin UPDATE: Got an internet connection and the online option fixed it up in a second with ID still working