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    Can you crosgrade Production Premium from mac to pc

    eric susch

      This is something that probably should be emailed directly to Adobe  sales but I'm new here and I couldn't find any customer service email on  Adobe's site.


      I'm an FCP user and I'm considering  buying CS5.5 Production Premium instead of continuing with FCP.  My  studio is based around a MacPro (obviously) with a 16TB RAID, AJA video  card, etc. all connected to the mac so for now it seems best to get the  mac version of CS5.5.  A few years down the road, when the MacPro gets  older, I'll probably want to upgrade the computer hardware to a windows  machine since my understanding is that the Adobe products work better on  that platform.  Will I be able to crossgrade to the windows version of  Production Premium at that time or will I have to lay down $1699.00 and  buy a new full version.