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    barcode - acrobat 8.0 - javascript - free reader - licensing

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      I am trying to understand licensing with the use of a 2D barcode, javascript, and the free reader. Basically, I would like to take pre-generated PDFs (no existing forms fields) and in Acrobat pro 8.0 add a barcode to it, launch it from a webpage passing in specific account data to generate the barcode value and then have users print and manually fill out the form. They would then scan in the form, the barcode would be read to associate the form to a patient chart and an 'image' of the form would be uploaded and filed into are system.


      The user would NOT be filling in electronic form data; they would be manually writing in the information. The only thing that would be dynamic on it would be the barcode which would get populated from internal javaScript that parsed information from the webLink call.


      From what I can find on the web is that I have to pay for some kind of form licensing (using liveCycle extension?) if I want to distribute these forms to be read by the free reader. If I am going to distribute these forms to more then 500 individual users (from Acrobat 8.0 Licens agreement 14.13.3)


      This all seems to be true based on the fact that I am using a dynamic barcode (free reader currently grey’s out the barcode unless I “enable user rights in adobe reader’ which then sounds like I am bound to the licensing agreement above)


      Installing and using liveCycle extensions server/app seems like overkill for what I am trying to do. Am I missing something or am I on the right path? I have been calling our sales rep for adobe and trying to talk to others there as well and no one seems to know the answer.


      Thank you,

      - Josh W.

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          Technically if the value of the barcode is not changing inside the free Adobe Reader then you should not need to license Reader Extensions (which includes the ability to turn on 2D in your form).


          The moment that the value changes (calculate, preprint, postprint, etc) the barcode will gray out unless the special rights have been enabled.


          Now, if you are only encoding a unique identifier into your form then you likely won't need a 2D barcode anyway. Code 3 of 9, 128, etc. should work well for you and have sufficient error correction for an identifier.