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    Premiere "Not Responding" Quite Often

    Alex DeJesus Level 1

      Similar to the problem in this thread:



      Randomly, I get the blue rotating circle and "Not Responding" error. However, it happens mainly on anything involving exporting. It takes at least a minute from the time I hit File-Export to the Export Setting box opens. When I hit Queue, I have to wait another couple of minutes for AME to open. Once it is fully open, the actual encoding is pretty quick.


      It has been this way since last week after building a computer good specs: Win 7 Ult, i7-2600, P8P67 Pro B3 Motherboard, 16 Gigs RAM, SATA III drives, GTX 570 graphics. Just upgraded from CS4 to CS5.5.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          See #3 you linked to.

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            Alex DeJesus Level 1

            I thought it might be the Matrox MX02 Mini, as i used it to capture AVI footage. So I created a new HDV project - bypassing the Matrox. Used HDV footage captured by firewire. Same thing.


            Simple projects with no effects. Exporting about 5 minute segment.


            Probably not enough info for you. Will work it some more. Everything is brand new on this machine. However, After clean Windows install, I transferred docs and settings from old computer. Maybe something wrong there.

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              D Spellman

              I am having same problem with Export> Media in PPro CS5.5 and exporting to H.264, iPad settings. It takes about a minute to load the Export Settings box and while waiting, the PPro box title line shows "not responding" following the project name/path.


              When the Export Settings box finally appears, it does so behind other PPro windows, requiring me to click on it to pull it forward. When I click the "Queue" button in the Export Settings box, the AME window appears with "not repsonding" following AME's title. Once again it takes roughly a minute or so before the output filename appears in AME's queue.


              Since I did not have this problem when encoding these same sequences in this same project to Windows Media files, I tried changing from H.264 iPad format settings to Windows Media format settings. The Export Settings box and queueing boxes respond immediately.


              Unfortunately, I need the sequences encoded in H.264, so I have no other choice than to wait as PPro and AME do their thing. If someone has an explanation for why this problem is occurring and/or how to fix this issue which seems to be related to encoding to H.264, I would really appreciate your input!




              HP Z400 Xeon 3.19GHz cpu, w/6GB RAM, ATA SCSI RAID, Nvidia Quadro 4000 and Matrox MXO2, running/Win 7 Pro 64-bit w/Adobe Production Premium CS5.5

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                alexdejesus Level 1

                I was told there was a memory leak, which was fixed with the latest update. Try updating all of your Adobe software. Post results

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                  D Spellman Level 1

                  I updated all Adobe files and Windows 7 files a couple of weeks ago. I still kept getting "Not Responding" in both Premiere and Media Encoder if my media export box was set to H.264, iPad settings.


                  However, I just tested the same spec settings in a new project, and I have instant everything. Tried opening the projects that gave me the "Not Responding" fits a few weeks ago, and evrything loads instantly now. I have no idea why it works well now; I'm just going to be happy that it does.