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    Premiere Pro has encountered an error  [URGENT]

    Senhay Level 1

      I can´t open my recent project.

      I receive the following error Message:


      "Premiere Pro has encountered an error.



      Even if i want to open the auto-saved projects i get this error message.


      I tried to import the project into a new project. It opened and i could edit it. But after saving and reopening i get the same error message.


      WHAT CAN THIS BE? I have to finish the project tomorrow!


      Could file naming be a problem?

      What is Src\Clip\MasterClip.cpp? What does it cause?


      Please, i need any clue!


      kind regards



      Windows 7 - Premiere Pro 5.03

      The project has different sequences and audiofiles.

      I´m working on this project for a week and nothing was wrong.


      Last step i have done was rendering a part of a sequence. After this render i couldnt open the project.

      Strange was that in the rendered file the second audio track wasn´t rendered.

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          tclark513 Level 3

          Are you using any 3rd party filters?  If so, try removing them after opening your auto saved project and then re-save.

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            Senhay Level 1

            No, i havent used any 3rd party plug ins.

            But, i was wondering what does the error message mean?

            Adobe have to know why this message appears???


            Otherwise it is like to find a needle in a haystack!

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              Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

              As best as I can figure, something has gone seriously wrong with the audio channel mapping of a given clip.


              You could start by trying to locate the audio preview files for this project & deleting them;  although if this occurred after rendering the audio in your timeline, it might happen again if the project has some kind of corruption involving a given clip.


              If that doesn't work, the hardcore troubleshooting method is to move/offline your media drive temporarily, then import your existing into a new project and tell it to offline all the clips.  Then put your media drive back on, and relink clips one at a time, saving along the way, until you pinpoint the clip in question that is causing the issue.  If you can identify the faulty one, I would hope that deleting that master clip & reimporting it should straighten things out.


              If you ever figure out how to reproduce this bizarre scenario, that would be very useful information!



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                Senhay Level 1

                Ok, i will try that.


                I have some audio mono clips imported with xml. And had put some gain and volume changes on it. I´ll try to exclude them and see.



                Another observation is that the project crashes while loading clips (display left in status bar). It stops while loading 168 from 225 items.

                Is there a log file or something that shows which clips causing the fail?

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                  ExactImage Level 3

                  Started a thread here and Todd requested that I post in this one instead.


                  I've created three different sequences (actually edited by different people from the same base project copied to their computers) - all in their own sub project.



                  Master Project


                       \----- Project 1 - with Multicam


                       \----- Project 2 - with Multicam


                       /---- Project 3 - with Multicam


                  Now, I need to assemble these in to a complete program.


                  Each project will load perfectly.  However, when I import each project in to another one the merged project has problems like this:

                  Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 21.42.47.png

                  I can't seem to pin point the cause - but it's stopped us dead.   I've already cleared the cache (and deleted files).  Not sure where to go from here....

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                    Jeff Foster, PixelPainter Level 1

                    I've read a lot of people are now seeing this exact same error under varying circumstances. Let's hope they get it resolved soon!


                    In the mean time, here's a work around I've been using to recover from this...


                    • After the error and impending crash, open the autosaved copy of the file (in most cases will be more current than your last saved original) and you will notice the error message pops up again - just click continue. All of your media will look like it's missing/needs to be loaded in the preview window, but it's a simple fix and quick too!


                    • Select-All of your content in the Timeline panel
                    • Right-click with your mouse and click off the "Enable" option
                    • Right-click again and re-select the "Enable" option


                    All your media will be online and connected as well as your rendered caches.


                    *Note that once your project has crashed, it will give this error EVERY time you save/close/reopen the project, so you'll have to repeat the steps above each time.






                    Jeff Foster

                    Author/VFX Producer


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                      ExactImage Level 3

                      Really annoyingly, this has happened on yet ANOTHER project.


                      We have identical project files on both macs.  We copy a project file from one mac to the other, then import from one project in to another.   BANG.   Now BOTH projects have this problem, not just the newly merged one.


                      Something somewhere is getting corrupted in the merge process.


                      This makes working with multiple editors on different macs a real PROBLEM.



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                        Jeff Foster, PixelPainter Level 1

                        Apparently this is a Mac-only issue from all that I've read about it. Nobody from Adobe has offered any solutions or even acknowldeges the problem so many are having with it.


                        This doesn't look good to the very community they are hoping to switch over from FCPsince the goofy FCPX has been released. Adobe's continued silence on this issue is suspect and not helping the community one bit.


                        I've uninstalled PPCS5.5 and gone back to CS5.0 but there is still some ghosts left in the install from CS5.5 as I'm still getting crashes in 5.0 now, though not as often and the same error doesn't come up.


                        I'm at a point now that I will most likely have to wipe my entire machine, reinstall CS5 and only install the CS5.5 suite apps that aren't crashing like Photoshop, After Effects and Audition.


                        Sounds like there's an article brewing to be written on this...

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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          Jeff, please give me the case number for the technical support case that you opened with Adobe Technical Support about this issue, and I can see what the status is.

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                            Jeff Foster, PixelPainter Level 1

                            Todd - I didn't write it down after I sent it as they usually send me a f

                            ollow-up email but this time they didn't.


                            I'll send you more info via email.


                            Thanks for listening!



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                              ExactImage Level 3

                              I'd like to add some more information to this.


                              1) Taking the project to a Windows Pc still produces the same error - it's a project problem!


                              2) Moving the project so that PP needs to ask for the media location helps in the following way:


                              a) When PP asks for media tell it to take ALL media OFFLINE

                              b) The project will load with media offline without any errors.

                              c) Save the project & close Premiere Pro (not required, but does check the project reopens without errors)

                              d) Re-open project - now without errors but media is offline.

                              e) Reconnect media a few at a time noting if the error ever occurs.  In my case I went from around 8 errors to only one error which was a specific audio file that always had the error.  Once I knew which file was the problem I recreated the audio file (using audition) and used replace footage to get the new audio file in to Premiere Pro.

                              f) Once all footage is reconnected without error save the project.


                              This took a project that either had multiple errors or fatal none loading problems back to a fully working project.   Hope this helps some one out there in need!

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                                trajoj Level 1

                                I'm getting the same error and now can't export any footage either directly through PP or AME!!! HELP!!!!


                                I'm on Windows 7, 16gb ram, i7, all internal hard drives.



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                                  papang0 Level 1

                                  Hi guys


                                  the definite solution for that is as simple as following :


                                  - create a full new blank project

                                  - import the corrupted project (file > import > choose your prproj file)

                                  - select "import all project"


                                  save and voilà !



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                                    daveybabs Level 1

                                    Papang0, you are a legend   Thank you for posting this solution, you have saved me alot of time.