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    Code hinting doesn't work for framework classes with FB 4.5.1 plugin installation

    cosmacol Level 1

      Just posted this one as a bug in the issue tracker: https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-32119, sorry for the cross-post.


      I installed Flash Builder 4.5.1 and it works okay running the embedded eclipse instance, however I need to use it as a plugin in another eclipse installation, so I used the Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Plug-in Utility.


      Installation process finished with no errors (also checked the log), and I can create new Flex/AIR project and use MXML/AS/CSS editor in my eclipse installation, however no code hinting at all is available for the SDK framework classes.


      I tried to:

      • Install it using Eclipse 3.6.2 for JEE Developers (Helios SR2)
      • Install it using Eclipse 3.6.1 for Java Developers (Helios SR1 - this should be the distribution used also for the embedded eclipse)
      • Remove Flash Builder and reinstall it
      • Use a clean eclipse workspace
      • ...


      Anyone is successfully using FB 4.5.1 with a plug-in installation?




      Cosma Colanicchia