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      I have implemented the auto update feature of AIR using ApplicationUpdaterUI however I am experiencing problems.


      appUpdater = new ApplicationUpdaterUI();
      appUpdater.updateURL = "http://mydomain.com/update-descriptor.xml";
      appUpdater.isCheckForUpdateVisible = false;
      appUpdater.isDownloadProgressVisible = true;
      appUpdater.isDownloadUpdateVisible = false;
      appUpdater.isFileUpdateVisible = true;
      appUpdater.isInstallUpdateVisible = true;


      If i understand things correctly this means that

      the applciation automatically checks for updates

      the application automatically downloads any available updates

      the application then asks the user if they wish to install the downloaded updates or postpone until restart


      here are the problems

      if the updater detects and downloads an update the user is ask to install or postpone the install. installing works fine. postpone doesn't. if i attempt to post post the install the dialogue box disappears until i click on the applciations system tray icon then it reappears, the dialogue close button does not work, and if i then change my mind and try and install the update nothing happens.


      if i then exit and restart the application and click on the applications system tray icon the "check for updates" dialogue appears which shouldn't happen from what you can see above.


      Anyone had similar problems? Does any one have any solutions?