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    Persisting large application data in Flex 3




      Does anyone have suggestions for the best approach to persist large amounts of data on the client side.


      I am working on a large Flex 3 application that is embedded on a coldfusion page, When the app loads, it can download over 1MB of data which I'd like to persist within the browser session. If the user moves to another page and returns I do not want to download the data again. I want to be able to load it on the client side. The data only needs to be persisted for the length of the browser session.


      I understand this can be achieved by shared objects but I don't want the dialog to popup to prompt the user to extend his local storage when it exceeds the default of 100k. I want the user to be completely unaware of the size of the data.


      Is there any other options available,


      any help or suggestions would be much appreciated,