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    Scrolling marquee text

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      Is there any relatively easy way to do scrolling marquee text in Director,
      similar to the <marquee> tag in HTML? (Director's HTML mark-up does not
      support the marquee tag, already tried that.) I'm sure somebody must have a
      tutorial for this online somewhere, but I haven't found one yet. I could do
      it easily if I decided to use a fixed-width font. (Just chop a letter off
      one end and add one to the other.) But for a variable width font, it's
      considerably more difficult, since you can't easily determine the width of a
      segment of text based on the number of characters. Can someone point to a
      good tutorial for this? Or if it's simple enough, just post some code.
      Seems to me like one of those things that shouldn't be that difficult, but I
      can't think of a way to do it that doesn't involve way more code than it