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    Placing multiple images at once

    Napo Monasterio

      I've been trying to programmatically import multiple images into InDesign, but I'm having a small issue. From what I understand, a multiple selection returns an array, but the script is acting up on me. Here's what I've got so far:


      var slideshowImages = File.openDialog("Choose the images you want incuded", "Files:*.jpg", true);


      if((slideshowImages != "")&&(slideshowImages != null)){

      var slideshowItems = tabletSlideshow.pages.item(0).place(slideshowImages);   <==== This is where I get the "Invalid value for parameter 'fileName' of method 'place' ....... " error.


      slideshowItems = slideshowItems[0];


      I can place one, but not multiple. Any ideas?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          It's easier than you think. The function File.openDialog already returns an array of file names! So this is why your failing line fails; you are handing it the entire array of file names instead of just one. You are doing the opposite; you attempt to place the entire array and treat the return value of "place" as the array.


          Use this to place the first image:


          var slideshowItem_first = tabletSlideshow.pages.item(0).place(slideshowImages[0]);

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            Napo Monasterio Level 1

            Hey Jongware, thanks for the prompt reply!


            OK, this works now... I'm about to place an image, no problem. The issue is... I'm only about to place one.


            I added


            var slideshowItem_second = tabletSlideshow.pages.item(0).place(slideshowImages[1]);


            to place the second item in the array... but what if I want to enter 3, or 12, or 27? It might change from time to time. So, how to do I tell it to place all of them?





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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              The usual way. Use slideshowImages.length to get the number of images; then, you can loop over all images and place each one of them:


              for (i=0; i<slideshowImages.length; i++)


              -- although you need to think of a way to place each of the images on a page of their own, 'cause this loop will place them on top of each other on the first page.

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                Napo Monasterio Level 1

                Hey, perfect, thanks so much! Yeah, I'm pretty new at JS scripting, so I appreciate all the guidance!


                I don't have to put them on separate pages, but I do have to manipulate them (all the same, fortunately). If so, to do anything to them, I guess I would be doing something such as:


                for (i=0; i<slideshowImages.length; i++)

                  tabletSlideshow.pages.item(0).items(slideshowImages[i])).geometricBounds = ["yadayada"];



                Or is items() the wrong approach to it?


                Thanks again for all the help! Very thankful!