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    Help with SWF Preloader Freezing in IE


      Hope someone can help with this question.

      My web page, which contains a SWF using AS3 opens great in Chrome, Firefox, & Safari. When I open the page in Internet Explorer it freezes on the preloader for some reason I can not figure out. My luck, probably something simple that I'm not seeing.  Any ideas why this may be happening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for posting.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Normally when there are Flash issues between different browsers it's a matter of the embedding code in the html page being amiss.

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            Freestyle1st99 Level 1

            Hi Ned. Thanks for the reply. Well you may have already guessed, I'm more designer than programmer. I've pasted my embedding code below, could you have a peak and give me opinion? Thanks.












            Welcome to Deer Valley Diesel Inc.


            If you are seeing this text message you are missing our Flash header.

                          You have either your JavaScript or Flash plugins turned off, 

                          or you need to download the most recent version of Flash.


            HERE to Download 

            the New Flash Player

            If you are using Internet Explorer and the security settings are on, Please Go Here .








            Thanks for the post and reply.

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              Freestyle1st99 Level 1

              So I am not a programmer, I know enough to get by and look up answers when needed. So I spent a week looking around for an answer to this Very Question. Why doesn't my swf work in I.E.?  The answer of course was so g-dang simple, (yes I figured it out). Everyone and their dogs are posting that it is in the SWFobject, or the preloader code was buggy. The one simple reason it loaded into all the other browsers and not I.E.is; I needed to embed one of my fonts. After embedding the font it worked in I.E. as it did in Safari, Chrome, and Firfox. A Simple Question. A Simple Answer. For the non-programmer trying to figure this one out, check this answer first before trying all the other complicated coding solutions. I did not find this answer anywhere in the past week I was searching online. WTF ppl. Well here is a simple answer to try before getting into all the other possible solutions. BTW, I.E. Sucks, never did like it.