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    Adding an flv with a playback component to an swf PROBLEM

    mentlity Level 1

      I created a video in After Effects and rendered the output to an .flv, works fine when I embed in html and upload to my server. But now I'm having a problem with the next phase and that's adding a link to the flv using Cue points. I read the tutes on this but cannot get past the following.


      First I tested this by importing the flv picking the skin for the player and importing straight to an html page in Dreamweaver.


      I uploaded the html, flv and player to the server and it works great.


      Now I need to add a url link to a certain frame of the flv and read the tute on how to import the flv into a new fla file, I see where I can scrub the timeline inside the flv and thought I was home free as all I had to do was upload and add the cue points.


      But now I see where I had to take the .flv and import as video to a new fla and after importing the flv it clearly states that the component will only play locally.


      After making sure the flv was on the server I uploaded the html and swf.


      When I try to playback from the server I get a browser Which is named "Flash Player Installation" with a blank screen. Am I doing something wrong here?