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    Custom audio player

      I'd like to create an audio player like the CSMonitor uses for its daily podcast at csmonitor.com
      I'm able to create one using a simple rewind, stop, start, and jump to end button using actionscript, but how do I get start button to change to pause button when pushed and vice versa, progress bar with blue ball, and counter that shows time played out of total time length of audio file?
      Do I make a separate image for the blue ball and the progress bar? then how do I script the ball to move and the time indicators.

      Actionscript I'm currently familiar with using:

      rewindBtn.onPress = function () {
      stopBtn.onPress = function () {
      playBtn.onPress = function () {
      endBtn.onPress = function () {
      pauseBtn.onRelease = function () {
      (toggle = (toggle) ? false : true) ? stop() : play();