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    Downloaded RH 9 trial version and now Acrobat has disappeared


      Hi all,


      I have had Adobe Acrobat installed for years and use it all the time.  Have also had RH X5 installed on the same PC all along.  I downloaded the trial version of RH 9  and now find that all the icons for PDFs have changed to the icon you see when there's no application associated to the file.  And if I try to open a PDF I get a message telling me the file can't be opened unless I have the application installed.  And when I look in my program files in Windows Explorer, there is not longer an Acrobat folder.  Is it possible that the download of RH 9 somehow wiped out my Acrobat?  I have the Acrobat CD so could reinstall, but am hesitant until I understand what the problem might be.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.