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    A TOC but perhaps not?


      So I have a formatting question about a TOC and how Captivate/SCO Packager handles things in the following scenario. I've yet to do it and am looking for the best approach.


      I have an initial slide with a grid of images. Each image is meant to link to a different module/lesson of the course. In turn, each of those modules/lessons is created as a separate Captivate file. It seems to me that a better way to handle this is to create the main page in Dreamweaver first, linking to the Captivate-created modules/lessons, and letting the Multi-SCO Packager create the manifest.


      Any ideas on the best timesaving and quality approach?


      FWIW, I have just started going through the Lynda.com training vids as well as what I find on the Adobe site.