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    Can't select audio clips

    ExactImage Level 3

      I'm sure this is simple.... but.....


      I have some audio in the sequence that I can't select or modify.  It's NOT locked (no slanted lines) and I can move other clips on the same track no problem.


      I'm trying to trim, add a cross dissolve etc but I can't select it, pick it up and move it or anything. 


      The header on this clip has also gone gray. 


      The audio DOES play perfectly, it's just I can't select it!   Arrgghh!!!


      Help!   I can't figure this one out.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What are the specs. of this "problem" Clip?


          Does Alt+clicking on it yield anything?


          Does Rt-clicking on it yield anything?


          Good luck,



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            ExactImage Level 3

            Things are really odd.


            It's a clip was originally from a Zoom H4n, 16 bit 48Kz mono.  It's been edited in Audition from Premiere Pro (effects applied in Audition then saved).


            Back in Premiere Pro if I twirl it closed then I can select it and trim it but while it's twirled down (showing the waveform) I can't left or right click on it and do anything other than add keyframes and move the volume.    


            Cmd, Cntrl & Alt keys don't have any effect. 


            Another clip (next track down) has been through the same process and works fine.


            Am I missing something simple?

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Am I missing something simple?


              It's simple, but not at all obvious:




              If you have Show Track Keyframes or Show Track Volume selected, you can't select or move your audio (unless you grab the video portion). The rationale is that, while adjusting clip keyframes/volume is relative to sequence time, adjusting track keyframes/volume is absolute to sequence time. This is a "save me from myself" kind of thing, where the assumption is that you're only adjusting track volume once your clips are in their final time positions in the sequence. By not being able to select the audio while you're adjusting track volume, you're prevented from accidentally moving your audio around whilst adjusting levels/keyframes. It does make sense, but it's not at all obvious what the solution is when you don't even know what the problem is!


              Hope that helps...

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                ExactImage Level 3

                Awesome - Thanks Colin.   It's true that you normally don't alter things afterward s- unless you are trimming to a fade (which is what I was trying to do!).


                I guess it's another little annoyance I'll learn to live with and it will become second nature after a while.


                Now I've run in to a much bigger issue - with After Effects from Premiere Pro.... but I'll start a new thread for that!