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    The Mystery of the Vanishing Application

    rjh98765 Level 1

      Apologies in advance if this is a common question.  I couldn't find anything similar in searching.


      I have created a new project in FlashBuilder 4.5 and then brought over everything manually from an old FB4 project.


      No errors, no warnings, but when I launch as debug… nothing.  The page gets the right background color, and that's it.  No load bar, nothing.  Can't stop at a breakpoint because it never seems to execute the first line of code.


      The project is kind of huge, and it's proving very difficult to do the take-bits-out or slowly-build-it-up approach to find out what might be causing this.  I'm really hoping that someone has run across something similar, and that there's an easy fix.


      Thanks very much in advance.